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​The Egyptian Inventor Syndicate / BIO

The first syndicate of inventors in the world (The Egyptian Inventor Syndicate) It registered in Egypt since 2012 in the general trade union of education and scientific research under number 743/2012. we consider as member in Federation of Trade Unions Egypt and follow its laws and logistics to enhance invention and innovation all over the world

NGO name             : The Egyptian Inventor Syndicate

Establishment date : November 2012


President : Hebatalrahman A

Address  : 13 Elzobir bin Elawam st, Sadat Land, Elmalek Elsaleh, Cairo,Egypt

Telephone: 00201226020076     & 0020223634880

e-mail    :




Non profit& non governmental organization(NGOs) was registered in the ministry of  The Social Solidarity and justice since 2011 under number 4118- Giza. As extension of our activity we establish the first syndicate of inventors in the world (The Egyptian Inventor Syndicate)


Constituent instrument (articles of incorporation, bylaws)


The main objectives of our organization are:-

  • Improve the international economical status of Egyptian inventors   

  • Economical development and environment protection by Spreading the culture of invention and innovation in developed countries &Egypt

  • Integrate intellectual property into national/international development policies and programs

  • Develop international intellectual property laws and standards related to invention and innovation

  • Promoting laws forbidding the circumvention of technological restrictions

  •  Deliver quality services in global intellectual property protection systems to enhance patent and patent transfer to industry

  • Increase the efficiency of  invention and innovation management and support processes.

  • Achieve gender equality between inventors by Improving the status of Egyptian women and young inventors

  • Promote cooperation between Egyptian inventors and associations all over the world specially the Arabs and the African inventors.

  • Gives cultural and scientific services and support for the cooperation

  • Provides the necessary and basic support to inventors in Egypt and worldwide to manage the transfer of their patents to industry.

  • promote friendship between Egyptian inventors and peoples

  • Develop friendly relations among nations to achieve international peace and security


Fields of Intellectual property:-

EIS (Egyptian inventor syndicate)  is related to any IP activity related to invention and innovations such as:-

  • Invention and Patent

  • Basics of invention and patent

  • Patent application

  • Patent infringement

  • Patent management system

    Patent Information

  • Understanding of patent information

  • Types of patent information searches

  • Searching patent information

  • Strategic use of patent information

  • Trademarks and Industrial Designs

  • Trademarks and Industrial designs to Increase(The Power of Marketing) 

  • Brand building

  • How to protect trademarks and industrial designs

  • Trademark management

  • Copyright and Related Rights

  • Basics of copyright

  • Copyright and related rights

  • Ownership of copyright

  • Using works owned by others

    Trademark Licensing

  • Exploiting a Trademark

  • Preparing to License - Due Diligence

  • Valuation of Trademarks

  • A Trademark Licensing Agreement

  • Managing a Trademark Licensing Agreement

  • Software , data base and programs protection


Other IP topics related to invention and innovation

  • Technology Licensing in a Strategic Partnership

  • The basic concept of a license

  • Preparing to license

  • Negotiating a license agreement

  • Overview of a license agreement

  • Managing a license agreement

  • Trade Secrets

  • Basics of trade secret

  • Trade secret management program

  • Misappropriation of trade secrets

  • Violation of trade secrets

  • A trade secret audit


  • IP in the Digital Economy

  • IP & e-commerce

  • Creating a website

  • Choosing a domain name

  • Protecting your website


  • IP and International Trade

  • Why IP rights are important for exporters

  • Checking your freedom to operate

  • IP in international outsourcing

  • Protecting your IP rights in export market


  • IP Audit

  • Understanding an IP Audit

  • Preparing for an IP Audit

  • Conducting an IP Audit

  • After completing an IP Audit


  • Valuation of IP Assets

  • IP Valuation Triggers

  • Intellectual Property Valuation Methods - Cost Approach

  • Intellectual Property Valuation Methods - Market Approach

  • Intellectual Property Valuation Methods - Income Approach

  • Intellectual Property Valuation Methods - Option Based Methods


  • IP Issues in Franchising

  • Franchising

  • Preparation of Franchise

  • Managing a Franchise Relationship

  • Termination



Other Aims & Achievements & Future Developments


The Egyptian Inventor Syndicate & Society aims also to represent the young inventors in the local and international events and works to bring their inventions to live and gives support for the cooperation between the Arabs inventors and the African inventors, all regional and international unions and persons who are interested in inventions and creations worldwide:

  • Serving innovators whom role is almost neglected

  • Helping youth innovators with cultural and scientific service, economical development, environmental awareness, international integration, management, research, and development

  • Giving young innovators the opportunity to present their innovations/ideas/patents in international conferences and meetings

  • Offering communication among Arab/African/International youth innovators

  • Updating innovators with ideas that are related to their field of interest

  • Making high technology available for innovators and making their inventions applicable

  • Supporting creative and productive ideas of youth innovators

  • Assessing scientific research work of youth innovators

  • Setting up scientific meetings and seminars to discuss new ideasSupporting the industry-linked innovations



  • Participation in writing scientific laws

  • Funding innovators

  • Establishing an innovation council and city

  • Participation in international refereeing and judgment

  • Ensuring proper training conditions for the innovators

  • Providing health and social insurance for innovators


Innovation Council

  • Linking innovators with media and journalism

  • Helps innovators in writing patents and research papers

  • Works on industry-related issues (e.g., transportation)

  • Guides students through their research work

  • Provides suggestions and solutions for manufacturing challenges (e.g., software, data collection)

  • Helps innovators in licensing, registration and trade mark issues

  • Sets up workshops and open discussions for innovators in related fields

  • Helps innovators and researchers in making statistical work

  • Communicates youth and women innovators with NGOs


The main goals are:

  • Upgrade the scientific level of the members.

  • Keeps up with the scientific evolution inside and outside the country.

  • Exploits of the modern technical and scientific achievements to serve the community.

  • Spreads the scientific sensibility among the members and other people and work to simplify and publish the information where can be easily used.

  • Encourages the scientific inventing and creating.

  • Encourages the professional expertise to rehabilitate the sciences, experts and researchers.

  • Organizes scientific cultures and seminars and participates in the conferences inside and outside the country.

  • Encourages publishing the information and conducting scientific researches and studies in the organization specialized fields. 


The goals & objectives are achieved by:-

  • Assistance in the creation of national and international inventor associations and organizations

  • Consultative services such as training courses, preparation of studies and statistical data, patents marketing

  • Creation of international networking among inventors

  • Competitions and awards for inventions

  • Illustrative exhibits related to inventors & inventions

  • Promotion of inventions marketing through Internet by publication of reference books, guides, magazines, media, surveys, studies conferences, seminars, workshops, expert group meetings, lectures


Our achievements in the national and international fields:-

The Egyptian Inventor Syndicate & Society made international achievements in a lot of International Innovations Exhibitions, Conferences and Research Centers, taken International Rewards from (Taiwan, Kuwait, Korea, Romania, Belgrade, Russia, Malaysia, Ukraine, China, Zagreb, British, Polish, Mongolia & Egypt)



  • Establishment and authorization of the first syndicate for inventors all over the world* Egyptian innovators syndicate* (2012).

  • Become the Egyptian representative in WIIPA (World Invention Intellectual Property Association).

  • Include three items related to invention and innovation in the Egyptian Constitution (items number 69-66-23).

  • Establishment of group of Committee follow our NGOs

  • Young inventors committee

  • Women inventors committee

  • Egypt scientists council

  • Arab Scientists and inventors committee

  • Syria committee

  • Afro-Asian inventors committee

  • Arab Egypt scientists council

  • Medial inventions committee

  • Agriculture inventions committee

  • Chemical inventions committee

  • Engineering inventions committee


Local Participation:

1.The Egyptian Science and Economy Day

2.The Success Partners Exhibitions (II, III)

3.The Water Resource Congress

4.The Plastic Manufacturing Producers Conference


International Conferences/Meetings:

  • The African Union Innovation Society (2011)

  • International Korean Innovation Exhibition (2011)

  • Iranian Innovations Conference (2012)

  • Korean Women Innovators Conference (KIWIE) (2012 & 2013)

  • EU Innovations Conference in Catania (2012)

  • Bosnian Innovators Society Conference (2012)

  • Chinese Innovation Conference in Kunshan (2012)

  • Korean Media Innovations Meeting

  • 3rd Engineering Innovations Conference in Malaysia (2012)

  • Winning more than 20 medals SIIF Conference in Seoul (2012) & (2013)

  • Winning 3 medals at 2012 INOVA Conference in Zagreb

  • Winning 8 medals at i-ENVEX (2012) & (2013) (Malaysia)

  • Winning 2 medals at Macau International Conference of Creativity, Innovation and Communication 2012 (Russia)

  • Winning 2 medals at The Third International Innovation and Invention Conference (Taipei, Taiwan)  (3rd IIIC 2012)

  • Special Prize from AIA Society 2012

  • Golden medal from WIIPA 2012

  • The "New Time" International Innovation * New Technologies Exhibition- Ukraine 2013

  • Winning 2 medals with Excellent Idea Award certificate and Legion of Honor of Invention certificate from the World Invention Intellectual Property Association (WIIPA) at The Taipei International Invention Show & Techno-mart (INST 2013) Taiwan

  • Winning 2 medals at The International Exhibition of Innovations, New Technologies & Design “INVENTIONS – BELGRADE 2012 & 2013

  • Winning Medal and certificate from The British Inventors Society in The British Innovation & Technology Show (BIS 2013) London, U.K.

  • Winning 6 medals at (PECIPTA 2013) International Conference and Exposition on Invention of Institutions of Higher Learning, Malaysia With Leading Innovation Award certificate from International Intellectual Property Network Forum (IIPNF) 2013

  • The Conference of creativity and innovation to Guarantee Competitive Industrial (Kuwait) 2013



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